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Knowing and Doing Agriculture in the right way will bring back our Food treasure.


Support government schools and help the needed student for right Education.

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Creating social and economical awareness to all the citizens.

Stay with the Roots

Preserve our tradition and culture. Bring back all old medical and conservative knowledge.

Our Activities

Palm Tree seedlings in Coimbatore and Palladam

Thavaram Organized Palm Tree seedling in Coimbatore and Palladam. We have planted 250 + Seedling in the River and Pond banks in Coimbatore and Palladam.

COVID - 19 providing Groceries and Vegetables

Thavaram Team helped 200 + Families With Rice, Groceries and Vegetables. We also gave blankets to needed. Thavaram team reached out to people who are in the need of basic ration for their daily life. Our team supported Coimbatore, Pollachi, Tiruppur and nearby areas.
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Hand sanitizer in Police stations and bus stand

Thavaram team today installed Hand sanitizer in Coimbatore Police stations and bus stand. Our team installed 10 UNITS of hand sanitizer devices in Police station, Busstand. Where general public will visit often. Thavaram team also regularly refilled the Hand sanitizer liquid once it got over.
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Helping Schools

Helping the Schools affected by Gaja Cylone

Days after cyclone Gaja made landfall in Tamil Nadu, many districts are grappling with the after-effects of the cyclone. Thanjavur, Tiruvarur, Pudukottai, Nagapattinam and places in Dindigul district are some of the areas which have been affected by the cyclone. Thavaram team visited affected areas and identified Government schools which are need help in rebuilding. With the help of donors we raised and helped the schools in getting bench and desk for the schools.

Helping the Homeless People with Blankets

In the winter season, our group member initiated care for homeless people suffering in harsh conditions. So we started donating the blankets for them in Coimbatore. We are very fortunate and grateful to be able to get these items to help them with their daily needs but I want Blankets for the Homeless to reach it's full potential to help the homeless in an even bigger and more effective way.

Blanket Donation

Maanava Thottam

Organic Farming in Government schools

Thavarm helped 7 Government schools in creating organic school farm, where student cultivated vegetables like Brinjal, ladies finger, Tomatoes etc. They then sell those and use the money in creating new school farms. With the help of organic farmers we trained group of school students in organic farming. Students will take care of the maintenance of the farm for the initial two years after which they will be eligible to get the internal marks from the school for the same.

River Path conservation

Thavaram team enforce in conserving rivers and pond in Vellalur, Coimbatore. We cleaned all the river path and reconstructed the Ponds. With help of few other NGO's we worked to make it clean and compatible. After cleaning the path immediate year, rain water and stream started flowing and filling the Vellalur river. Thavaram pledge to do more river path conservation and making the country clean water sufficient

River Path

Seed Balls

Seed Ball Festival

Thavaram members created 300 seed balls and disposed in and around Coimbatore. We test our seeds for germination and make certain that our seed balls have excellent viability when the environment is favorable. The seed balls are then air-dried, providing a safe haven for its contents until germination. Seedballs have use in nearly any region where plants can grow: for reseeding ecosystems into areas of man-made deserts and protecting seeds until rains fall to soak the clay ball and stimulate the seeds. Seeds contained in such balls then germinate in ideal conditions for each climate/region.

Cleaning Coimbatore

Thavaram Volunteers engaged in cleaning the city slum areas with the support of few NGO's. We also helped removing plastic wastes and unhygine substances in the slum areas. Our members engaged in educating the People in the areas to keep the environment clean and tidy.They were smart in building lakes and ponds to harvest every drop of rain. This ensured that the city recharged its water table and did not face floods every time it rained. We need to revive that system. It may not be adequate to meet the growing needs of the city, but will cut costs by reducing the length of the pipeline and bring down distribution losses.

Cleaning Coimbatore


Planting Tree Saplings

Thavaram team and Lions Club Pollachi, joined hands in creating green caridor in the government school SRIMBHS Pollachi. We also gifted 500 note books to the needy students. We planted 100 Tree saplings on Independence day at SRIMBHS Government schools, Pollachi.Trainings were imparted on tree growing, importance of vermi-compost and bio-nutrients in Plantation. Students will take care of the maintenance of the saplings for the initial two years after which they will be eligible to get the internal marks from the school for the same.

Helping the Schools affected by Gaja Cylone - Video

Helping the Homeless People with Blankets - Video