About Thavaram

Working toward Mother Nature

Thavaram is Government registered trust(Reg no : 07/BK IV/2017), where we are helping to protect mother nature. We also help poor, Homeless and all who really need help.


• To Create awareness about self motivation and self discipline.
• To Create library awareness about reading more book s& making library active in every school & college
• To educate Poor students.
• To Support Students in Sports .
• To Conduct awareness program about Organic farming & Green economy.
• To make awareness about Food waste & preventing methods.
• To conduct various awareness Program in school & College.

Carbon Negative:

• To Plant more trees .
• To Reduce soil erosion.
• To Reduce Air, water,& sand pollution.
• To Preserve Alluvial soil in river path .
• To Generate green energy.
• To Improve energy efficiency.
• To Zero emission vehicles .
• To Organic Farming & green economy.

Preserving Natural recourses:

• To save trees from cutting.
• To Organic farming.
• To Preserve native medicinal plants and all kind of native livestock Such as Bulls, cows ,roosters, poultry, dogs & All cattle .
• To remove plants & trees which affects water recourses such as prosopis family .
• To Support farmers to do organic farming.
• To Help peoples in natural disasters like earth quake, flood, sinkholes etc.

Supporting Government Activities:

• To Make awareness about Govt. office in Rural Areas.
• To make Awareness About Govt. School & Hospital.
• To Feed poor And provide bed sheets .
• To help poor mentally disabled.