About Us

Conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends

Thavaram is group of Young minds working towards the society, to create awareness and treasuring our Culture, Nature and Agriculture. We work in helping natural way of Agriculture and with help of modern technology, yield the best results for the farmers.

We also help in sponsoring child education. Our way of sponsoring a child is a very effective way of helping lone children to experience the love of a family and mother. In return you can see the real impact that your sponsorship makes. Our child sponsors often tell us they get a warm satisfaction of seeing a little girl or boy with nothing grow up into an independent happy person thanks to child sponsorship. We request you all to join hands with us to eradicate poverty and child labour, by adopting a child education.


  • Forming a network of young helping minds together.
  • Knowing and Doing Agriculture in the right way will bring back our Food treasure.
  • Support government schools and help the needed student for right Education.
  • Creating social and economical awareness to all the citizens.
  • Preserve our tradition and culture. Bring back all old medical and conservative knowledge.

  • Sponsoring child education.